Rotisserie Chicken

This weekend, we had the delightful pleasure of visiting some old college friends.  They usually entertain vegetarians, so they were excited to have nearly a table-full of carnivores to feed.  So excited, that both partners wanted to make their chicken, that is, the Shabbat chicken recipe most frequently featured at their Shabbat tables growing up.

Chicken two ways!  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they have an in-house rotisserie.  My friend thought they run about $150 — I looked up a few models and found one for $165 by Wolfgang Puck that is also a toaster oven, and one by Cuisenart listed at $365 but reduced to $199 at Williams-Sonoma.  A little pricey, perhaps, to pay for a single-use gadget, but if you eat chicken often and are a fan of a crispy crackling skin, then you might want to consider it. Hillel’s recipe for rotisserie chicken, is below.

The second recipe featured artichokes and mushrooms, and where the rotisserie option featured crispy dry skin coating a juicy interior, the chicken baked with mushrooms and artichokes was positively moist.  The recipe originally calls for boneless breasts, but works with any pieces, on or off the bone.  The herbs in the marinade and the moistness of the meat were real highlights.  Recipe coming next week.

The favorite?  I’m not picking sides.  It was certainly a hit to see the same meat prepared in such different ways (and I’m not counting the chicken soup that started off the meal!)  Both were enjoyed with much gratitude.

Hillel’s Rotisserie Chicken

Generously cover one Grow and Behold Whole Chicken with onion powder, garlic powder, ground ginger, and paprika. Cook in your rotisserie oven 15min/lb.  Set it and forget it!

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