Lag B’Omer: Launching the Summer BBQ Season!

With Jews all over the world gathering for bonfires next weekend, and the weather warming up enough to make sitting outside thinkable, if not even downright delightful, we’ve once again got backyard grilling on our minds.

The first thing to master is the technique of indirect grilling.  Essentially, you create a current of heat that circulates through your grill, cooking the chicken more slowly and evenly, sealing in the flavor.  Here are Indirect Cooking directions from Weber — don’t be deterred if you’ve never tried this!  It’s well worth the effort.

The next question — how to season?  We of course are partial to Naf’s BBQ Sauce, a mixture that changes slightly every time he makes it, but never fails to delight.

If you’re looking for something a little different, here are a few suggestions:  Harisa Chicken, with smoked paprika, carraway and adobo chiles, and Hoisin BBQ Sauce from Smitten Kitchen, with the usual drool-worthy photographs.

More soon — we’ve got a whole summer of grilling ahead!

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