London Broil

Though technically the term “London Broil” refers to the cooking technique of cooking steaks quickly over high heat, it has come to also refer to two different tender shoulder cuts that take extremely well to marinades and rubs.

Minute London Broil

Also called Flatiron Steak, London Broil or Butterfly London Broil, our Minute London Broil is a thin, lean cut made from the same cut as a Minute Roast.  If you’ve ever had a Minute Roast, you know there is a thick band of connective tissue that runs through the middle of the very lean, tender sections of meat. When that roast is cross cut, you get steaks with a thick section of connective tissue in the middle.  For our Minute London Broil, we take the time to filet out that piece of connective tissue, leaving two thin oval shaped tender steaks, which are packaged individually.


London Broil

London Broil, also called “Mush London Broil” by some kosher butchers, is actually comprised of a couple of muscles that also come from deep in the shoulder.  London Broil steaks are larger than the Minute London Broils, and are very tender and very lean.  Both can be sliced thinly and are great on sandwiches the next day – if there are any leftovers!

Cooking Recommendations

Whereas a well-marbled steak such as a Rib Steak or Hanger Steak carry the deep beefy flavor from the fat and shine with minimal seasoning, both London Broil and Minute London Broil are very lean.  Their delicate beefy flavor really comes through when you marinate the cuts for 2-3 hours, or overnight.

The London Broils should be seared over high heat, 3-5 minutes per side depending on the size the cut.  We cook our steaks rare, to 140F, but adjust to your preference.

Allow steaks to rest 5-10 minutes before slicing thinly across the grain to serve.


Garlic Wine Marinade – this is Naf’s mother’s go-to marinade for London Broil

Balsamic Mustard marinade from Cooking Light, with Red Onion Jam

Peppercorns, Corriander and Fennel Seed Marinade from Saveur

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