Simple Chicken Breast Recipes

Every Sunday, I rifle through the stack of newspaper to find the NY Times Magazine, and open it backwards to get to Mark Bittman’s “The Minimalist” food column, which is usually a few pages from the end of the magazine.  Fairly often the recipes are for pork or shelfish — but when they’re not, I devour them!

This week, Bittman shares nine recipes for dressing up a chicken breast.  And although he compares it to a “blank slate,” whose “intrinsic flavor is minimal” (he’s clearly never had chicken from Grow and Behold!) the recipes still look delightfully simple, and delicious.

Recipes include:

POACHED Chicken Breast
– with White Wine, Onions and Herbs
– Soy Poached
– Coconut Ginger

ROASTED Chicken Breast
– Herb Roasted
– With Tomatoes, Capers & Olives
– Deviled (with Dijon mustard)

SAUTEED Chicken Breast
– with Mushrooms and Wine
– Florentine
– Citrus

Find the recipes here


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