Grilled Chicken Under a Brick

This is a fun and effective grilling technique for producing an evenly-cooked whole chicken on a grill in not too much time at all.  You’ll get to practice butterflying a chicken (as impressive as it looks, it’s not that hard) and have fun with a new grilling tool: a heavy brick wrapped in foil.

Use your favorite grilled chicken recipe, or try one of these for inspiration: Herb and Garlic Rub, Naf’s Famous BBQ Sauce, a simple dusting of salt, pepper and paprika.


1. Wrap a clean brick in foil.  You can also use a heavy cast-iron skillet.

2. Butterfly a whole chicken. Place chicken breast-side down then push gently to break the breast bone.  Then flip it over, and remove the back bone (use kitchen shears to cut through the thin rib bones as close to the spine as possible.)  Watch a video of how to do this here.

We made this recipe with 1.5lb birds and fit three on a grill, you can use larger chickens too.

3. Season your chicken to taste (we love fresh herbs, garlic and olive oil rubbed under the skin — add some lemon or orange zest to liven things up!).  Try to keep the skin intact.

4. Heat your gas grill to medium high or build a charcoal fire in the center of your grill.

5. Time to grill!  When grill is hot, place the chicken skin side down on the grates, and put a brick on top.

6. Grill under the brick until the skin is crispy, aproximately 5-25 minutes (depending on how hot your grill is).

7. Finish cooking.  Remove the brick, move off the direct heat and cook indirectly until meat thermometer reads 160F and juices run clear.


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