Anatra Povera – Easy Roast Duck

Whole DuckRecipe from Gayle Bourne
Serves 4

This is a tasty recipe that is not too complicated.  We used it at home when we recently tried one of the new Grow and Behold ducks and it was a big hit – even with teenagers!

  • 1 whole duck, thawed in the refrigerator 24 hours or at least overnight.

Take the duck and split the breast down the center so you can see the backbone clearly.  Cut the duck on each side of the backbone, then save the backbone and the neck in the freezer to make a soup or stock on a later occasion.  The skin can either be left on the duck or can be removed and frozen for stock – the dish will be less fatty with the skin removed.  The two halves of the duck can be roasted as is, or cut into more pieces.

Whisk together:

  • 1 cup dry wine
  • 1/2 cup lemon juice
  • 1/4 extra virgin olive oil

Lightly salt the duck pieces, and sprinkle fresh ground black or white pepper.  Use a medium height oiled roasting pan, dutch oven, or crock pot.  Arrange the duck pieces in the pot, then pour the liquid over everything – brush to spread over every piece, if needed.

Snuggle into the sauce:
  • four sprigs of fresh rosemary OR
  • sprinkle duck generously with dried rosemary
Surround the duck with:
  • potatoes
  • baby carrots (as many as you need).

Other vegetables can be substituted, such as sweet potatoes, turnips, or parsnips.

Cover and bake at 375F for approximately one hour (add 15-20 mins if using large potatoes), then uncover to brown, approx 30 more minutes.  (Times will vary based on the size of the duck and vegetables, smaller goes faster!)  Remove the duck pieces, potatoes and carrots (or other veggies) to a serving platter.

Additional Serving Suggestions:

  • Save pan juices to make a rich pilaf.
  • Serve with green beans almondine, or asparagus poached in wine, or peas with pearl onions…  (or your favorite green veggies)
  • This is a great recipe for shabbos, and goes well with challah and wine.  Alternately, a warm herb bread is a great accompaniment, as well as a salad of mixed spring greens.
  • If you need a soup course with it the best bet would be contrasting recipe, such as Moroccan pumpkin with parsnip or a mock creamy asparagus (using almond or coconut milk).

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