Slow-Smoked BBQ Back Ribs

Recipe by Naftali Hanau. Serves 4-8

Back ribs can also be grilled over higher heat.  But when you cook them low and slow in a smoker over several hours, the meat is not only tender and smoky — but it doesn’t pull away from the bone in the same way, leaving you long strips of meat attached the full length of the bone.  An additional plus: this method requires very little supervision.

(Each rack has 4 ribs – allow 1-2 ribs per person, depending on what else you are serving.)




  • Cover meat all over with spice rub and let sit 1-2 hours in the fridge, or 30 minutes on the counter.
  • Load into smoker.
  • Smoke at 220F for 5-6 hours, until meat is tender.
  • Remove meat from smoker and allow to cool. Slice in between ribs. Serve with additional BBQ sauce on the side.

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