Slow-Smoked BBQ Back Ribs & Brisket

Smoking meat is a relatively simple proposition, but of course, like a sourdough bread or a fine homemade mayo, the art is in the execution.  Our best advice: start with a rub that you love on steaks and focus on getting the smoker set up to maintain an even temperature.  Cook to desired tenderness, and take notes — you’ll want to tweak things the next time you make them, and you won’t remember the details as well as you think you will.

For brisket: We love our Coffee Chile Rub or a sweeter Beef Bacon rub (made of paprika, brown sugar and garlic powder).  Cover a Whole Brisket with Fat Cap thoroughly with the spice rub, then arrange in your smoker.  Cook until internal temperature reaches 180F, which could take as much as 18 hours for a full brisket.  Allow meat to cool 20-30 minutes before handling.  If you want pulled brisket, use forks to gently tease apart the fibers of the meat.  Serve with extra BBQ sauce.  For neater slices, remove from smoker before the meat is too soft and allow to cool completely.  Slice 1/2″ thick slices.  To reheat, arrange in a layer in a pan, cover with BBQ sauce, and reheat, tightly covered, until warm.
For Back Ribs:  Rub 2 Racks Grow & Behold Back Ribs with BBQ Seasoning such as Mendel’s BBQ Rub.  Allow ribs to sit, 30 min-2 hours, before smoking.  Smoke at 220F for 5-6 hours until meat is tender. Remove from smoker and allow to cool.  Slice in between ribs. Serve with additional BBQ sauce.
(Back ribs can also be grilled over higher heat.  But when you cook them low and slow in a smoker over several hours, the meat is not only tender and smoky — but it doesn’t pull away from the bone in the same way, leaving you long strips of meat attached the full length of the bone.  An additional plus: this method requires very little supervision. (Each rack has 4 ribs – allow 1-2 ribs per person, depending on what else you are serving.)


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