The Gefilteria’s Classic Chicken Soup

The key to a successful, flavorful broth, is a long, gentle simmer. Channel your inner “bubbe” as you follow The Gefilteria founders Liz Alpern & Jeffrey Yoskowitz on an adventure to make Classic Chicken Soup.

Chicken Broth with Chicken Feet

Cooking chicken soup with this secret ingredient is one easy “feet.” Keep this recipe in your talons for when you need a nourishing and hearty bone broth!

Sausage Soup

This hearty sausage soup with split peas will fill you up and keep you satisfied.

Chicken Soup (How Big Is Your Pot?)

Naf’s mom, Rachel Rosen, shares her grandmother’s instructions for making chicken soup. Like any good story, it starts with an important question: How big is your pot?