Apple Cider-Braised Chicken

This incredible dish is a wintertime favorite, and is a terrific way to cook our pastured legs and thighs.

How to Prepare a Whole Corned Beef

We sell Corned Beef slices, which are ready for your sandwich and great to take on the go.  We also offer our Corned Beef in whole pieces, which you can steam gently, with vegetables if you like, and serve as a main course. Our Corned Beef is fully cooked and seasoned, so you don’t need…

Sunday Shnitzel

Light, golden and crispy — these delicious chicken shnitzel pieces will be gone in a minute! Great for Chanukah, or year-round.

Pastrami Latkes

Latkes need not be relegated to the realm of side dish. After all, they do take some time to grate, and fry, and drain…who has time to also make a main dish as well? We’ve gone and added a little Pastrami to the mix, and all of a sudden, your run-of-the-mill latkes have become a one-dish meal. The question is just whether you’ll eat them with deli mustard or applesauce (or both!)

Latke BLTs

You’re getting out your frying pan. You’re in the mood for something crispy. Skip the sour cream and go fleishig for these amazing Chanukah treats.

Potato-Turnip Latkes in Duck Fat

Latke upgrade: add turnips and thyme, and fry in duck fat for small, flavorful patties that will make any Hanukkah reveler happy.

Sundried Tomato Chicken Shnitzel

Serves: 1lb chicken serves 2-3 people By: Naftali Hanau Note: These quantities are for one pound of chicken. Multiply quantities as needed. Boneless Breast or Leg Filets work well for this, but you could also use this method to cook Chicken cut in Eighths or Chicken Thighs — just increase the frying time for larger…

Joan Nathan Recommends Grow and Behold Brisket for Chanukah!

The first of the Washingtonian’s “7 Tips for Celebrating Chanukah” reads: “If you’re cooking a Hanukkah feast at home, cookbook author and New York Times contributor Joan Nathan, DC’s reigning queen of Jewish cuisine, recommends ordering your holiday brisket from Grow and Behold in New York.” We couldn’t agree more! Read the rest of the…

Fleishig Latkes!

I’ve been dreaming about latkes for weeks.  Bon Apetit featured a wonderful recipe from Chef Michael Solomonov that includes celeriac and mushrooms, served with a roasted apple and onion compote — this will definitely be featured in our house one night of the eight. But we’re also house-sitting our friends fleishig deep-fryer, which has been…