Baked Gefilte Fish Terrine

Make your own gefilte fish & get your holiday off to a great start! Delicious, easy recipe from Liz & Jeffrey at The Gefilteria.


Lemon and Olive Chicken Stew

This bright and sunny chicken dish comes together quickly, but tastes like it’s been simmered for hours and hours.

Matzah-Covered Chicken Cutlets

Recipe by Sippity Sup Ingredients: 2 large eggs 3 cups crushed Matzah 2 teaspoons salt, plus more to taste 1/4 teaspoons pepper Vegetable oil, for frying 4 chicken cutlets, room temperature Lemon wedges, for serving Directions: Place the crushed matzahs into the bowl of a food processor, fitted with the metal blade. Pulse the machine 8-10 times,…

How to Prepare a Whole Corned Beef

We sell Corned Beef slices, which are ready for your sandwich and great to take on the go.  We also offer our Corned Beef in whole pieces, which you can steam gently, with vegetables if you like, and serve as a main course. Our Corned Beef is fully cooked and seasoned, so you don’t need…

Minute London Broil

Recipe by Alex Reznick- Ditmas Kitchen Marinate steak for 24 hours using: Grow and Behold Minute London Broil 1 cup soy sauce 1 cup orange juice 1 tablespoon Worcestershire 1 tablespoon mirin 1 tablespoon cider vinegar 1 tablespoon maple syrup 1 tablespoon crushed red pepper 4 cloves chopped garlic Sauce: 1 cup mayo 1/4 cup soy…

Braised Lamb Shanks

These shanks are simple to prepare, yet unbelievably rich in flavor. The mouthfeel of the jus adds a deep silkiness to the dish, and is almost as good as the shanks themselves!

Sweet and Sour Brisket

You may have a tried and true brisket recipe. But if you’re new to meat, or looking for something new, here’s a simple brisket preparation that will be sure to delight one and all.

Seared Duck Breast with Cherries

Cherries braised gently with ginger, red wine vinegar and kirsch are the perfect sweet-tart counterpart to rich duck breasts.

Coffee-Chile Lamb Chops

Ancho and chipotle peppers combine to add a rich depth of flavor, without a lot of heat, in this delicious dry rub for all lamb chops.

Slow-Roasted Lamb Riblets

When slow cooked or smoked, these juicy morsels become incredibly tender, and the flavor of the fat is as rich as marrow.

Red Wine and Honey Brisket

A sweet and flavorful recipe for Brisket and other Braising Roasts that will usher in any Jewish holiday with cheer.

Red Wine Top of the Rib

With only seven ingredients, transform this tender roast (or any braising roast such as Brisket or Deckel) into a tender, succulent feast.

Lamb Shanks for the Slow Cooker

With this delicious recipe, cook your lamb shanks overnight — without heating up your kitchen. The flavorful sauce is great on noodles, potatoes or polenta.

Cracked Pepper Filet Mignon

A truly great steak needs very little to make it hum. These simple steps will get you well on your way to a delicious dining experience!