Jerk Chicken

This marinade has a lot of ingredients, but is worth the time it takes to puree them all together. The result is ethereal, complex, delightful!

Gramarcy Tavern Gingerbread with Baked Apples

I bring this intensely gingery cake from to Thanksgiving every year, and every year my mom gets sad because it looks so much like chocolate cake. I add baked apples (below) or homemade cranberry sauce on top so you can fully appreciate the gingery taste without constantly being confused that you’re not eating chocolate….

Winter Apple and Squash Beef Stir Fry

This flavorful stirfry gets depth from cinnamon, nutmeg, sweetness from the squash and apples, and richness from lean and flavorful beef. A dash of apple cider vinegar brings it all together!

Sesame Turkey Burgers

These quick and easy turkey burgers are chock-full of flavor when served with scallions, cilantro and rice wine vinegar!